Fish picnic: Blue Cave (Cres Island)

Duration: 7-8 hours

Departure from the port of Rabac and welcome drink (Grappa). After a short panoramic sailing along the coast a stop is being made at a reef called Babino, where underwater sightseeing takes place from our sea aquarium room including a show with a diver.

Afterwards we continue our journey to the Blue Cave on Cres Island and during this transit lunch is being served (choice of grilled fish or meat, cabbage salad as a side dish, wine and juice). Next step is a swimming break at the beach (2-3 hours) and guided visit of the Blue Cave. We take care of delivering personal items to the beach and when needed we provide transfer to the beach by inflatable boat for our guests as well. 

 There are frequent encounters with the dolphins, while the underwater world gets more vivid with our diver who feeds the fish and always finds something interesting to show (octopus, crab, star, jellyfish and other).


Panorama Rabac

Duration: 2:30 hours

Departure from the port of Rabac serving welcome drink and small sanwich, we continue panoramic sailing along the coast of Girandela beach sailing to reef of Babino where our diver performs underwater Show that takes place from our sea aquarium saloon.

In the show our diver is feeding the fish and always brings at the window something interesting to see, like(octopus, crab, star, jellyfish and other Sea creature).

After diving show we continue with panoramic trip to beautiful bay of Prtlog and St Marina, then heading back to Rabac. We have frequent encounters with dolphins.